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Supercharge your Media Journey with our Suite of Membership Opportunities that are tailor-made for go-getters like you! Whether you're a TV aficionado, a marketing maverick, or a podcasting pro, we've got the perfect path for you to shine bright.

Dive into the limelight as a regular contributor on The CONNECT Show Texas, Miami, or our DC, Maryland +Virginia Market to 6 million households each week on The CW Network with our

TV-Host Membership.   This membership allows you a ten minute TV interview each month in the city of your choice - allowing you to market your brand + business on your terms all while building your media muscle!



You know how many times a buyer has to see a product before he or she actually takes our their  pocket book? At least 7 - 11 times.  Yes, that many times!  Why aren't people buying your product?  It's because they are not seeing your offer enough.  With a television commercial broadcasting in front of millions - you will definitely become seen, heard, and known.  Let your brand story light up screens across Texas, DC, and Miami with our TV Commercial Membership.  Where with your guidance we custom create a 20-30 second commercial for television broadcast.



Podcasters, we've got you covered too – if you are finally read to uplevel your marketing with a podcast our production company has got you covered.  Whether it's a weekly podcast you want to produce, or a full season of 9 to 18 episodes - we've got you covered!  Forget the stress of editing, publishing, copyrighting and distribution - we can do that for you.  Expert production, streamlined processes, and exclusive resources are our treat - while you focus on crafting captivating content.



Seize this no-brainer opportunity to amplify your brand, expand your influence, and stand out in style!  Your passport to elevated branding, dynamic marketing, and standout digital media is a click away.

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