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They say you’re a combination of the five people you hang out with the most.




Natalie Cargile

Creator & Host of 

The CONNECT Show on FOX24

If you’re someone who desires inspiration, connection, and purpose… 

You’re in the right place. 


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Our international community of women are dreamers, doers, and seekers. Here, we lift each other up, we question what’s possible, and we take inspired action to create our dream lives. 


Let’s face it, there are many (virtual!) rooms you can be in, meetings you can go to, and circles you can build relationships in but if they’re not full of the RIGHT people, they won't be right for you. 



Instead of focusing on gossip, the focus is on goals

It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are 


Strong women stand tall and proud and share their stories and strategies to help others do the same


What happens when you have this? 



The power of being in community is

"All The Things". Which is why for so long women have been kept apart.

Instead of sisters we’ve been cynisters but the truth is, we’re stronger together. 




The CONNECT Network® is an unparalleled community of brilliant women who want to create a brighter world by using their gifts and talents to create the lives and businesses they want. 

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When you become part of The CONNECT Network® you receive:

  • Invitations to our dynamic monthly masterminds and mixers featuring incredible guest experts from across industries

  • Access to our members only Facebook group to connect, collaborate, and conspire with other members 


  • The opportunity to be a guest star on our television show CONNECT Network TV®  (which airs on Fox) to highlight your work in the world

  • Potential seed funding! Yes, our Network regularly gives mustard seeds to our members to help the build and grow.

  • A direct link from our website to yours! Let’s help your ideal clients find you!

  • Discounted opportunities for commercial video production!

The CONNECT Network® is an unparalleled experience where you get to be in community with high-powered women to connect, collaborate, and cultivate your relationships. 


Are you ready to up-level your life and biz? 

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Hey, I’m Natalie Cargile, Founder and Head Hostess of 

The CONNECT Network®.


The CONNECT Network® is an incredible online space  where women come together to be who they are. We learn from each other, encourage each other, and offer inspiration on each of our journeys. 


As a Howard University Grad, former news anchor, and wife & mom of twin boys and a little girl, I know that the day to day can be challenging.  But, when you’re connected to other women who are showing up, pushing forward, and being leaders in their lives and businesses, it makes EVERYTHING so much easier because success is CONTAGIOUS!


That kind of energy is exactly what The CONNECT Network gives.  I get that keeping the faith and moving forward is something you do as a #GirlBoss in general.  Combining your hustle with the power of The CONNECT COMMUNITY - we'll quickly 10x your success as we journey to your next dimension.


If you’re ready to be in a community where you’ll be encouraged and supported in living your dreams, then I’d like to formally invite you to join us!

Natalie Cargile

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"Wonderful group of women. So much support and encouragement!"

                                                        -Ellis Parker



Q: Will there be in person events for this group? 

A: As soon as it’s safe, YES! We LOVE our in-person events and as soon as we get the green light to get back to it they will be INCLUDED in your membership!


Q: I’m interested in starting a business but I’m not quite ready to start. Is this for me?

A: Yes! If you’re ready to be inspired and encouraged, you’re welcome to join us! Honestly, I wish I had a community like this at the beginning of my journey. 


Q: I’ve been in business for years, is this for me? 

A: Yes! Welcome to the network, sis! Here, you’ll learn more strategies to improve your brand, connect with powerful women who are making ripples in the world, and have opportunities to guest star on our show and/or advertise. 


Q: How much is The Connect Network® ? 

A: Your investment is $49/month for 12 months OR 1 payment of $499 for the year!  Cancel anytime.


You’re not meant to do this alone. Let’s rise together. 

The Connect Network®

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