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Below are some additional on-air tips!

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We are so excited to feature you on

The CONNECT Show.  This is the place to inspire, influence & network with women in business and female entrepreneurs! Below are all the tips you need to have a fabulous on-air segment!

Natalie Shares Tips & Tricks for a High Quality Segment!

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Welcome to The CONNECT SHOW!  We are thrilled to feature you.

Here's What You Need to Know

  • Use a blue tooth microphone if possible (The Snowball mic is recommended.)

  • Clean camera lens on your laptop with a soft wipe.

  • Test your audio.

  • We broadcast through a link called Streamyard.  You will receive the talking points & link to your broadcast segment the Monday morning of your filming.  Streamyard does recommend you wearing an ear piece if possible. 

  • Turn your speakers down to a comfortable position to minimize feedback from your microphone.

  • Shine Bright with lots of light!  Socialite is awesome and here is a link to purchase your own, but if not facing a window with natural light is great!

  • Know where the camera is 😄

  • An Ethernet cord connected to your computer & router will bring forth premium results.

  • Get as close as you can to your router.

  • Reboot your computer and start from scratch when entering the broadcast. Don’t run applications in the background. 

  • Turn everything off that dings - your phone, computer, oven, house alarm, etc...

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