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I am so happy that you have decided to jump into the beautiful world of Mary Kay!  I am so excited to see what dreams come true for you and your business!


So, when you are ready, here's what I want you to do next:




Click on "New Consultant" on the top right vertical menu bar.   You will see a welcome letter from me as well as instructions on how to get started on your Checklists!  This is super important.  Also, please fill out your Goal Questionnaire.  It will give me a better idea on how to work with you to fulfill YOUR dreams.  


Next, you will need to order your FREE square!  This will allow you to process credit cards immediately!  On this website you will see a link on the right, vertical menu bar that says "Square Up."  Click that, and that will bring you to the Square page to sign up!  TOTALLY FREE!!!


If you have any questions please text me or call me anytime, 612-819-6155.  Voxer is an AWESOME way to get to me too.  You'll see instructions on how to download the free Voxer app and find me once you visit that Unit website above!  


This website has EVERYTHING you need to succeed.


I am excited to see you at Wednesday's MaryKay success meeting- 6:30 sharp at Centennial Library next to Best Buy.


Dear Natalie,


Congratulations on completing your first month as a Sales Director-in-Qualification!

As you move forward in your DIQ journey, the power of your personal business is more important than ever. By offering the products to new customers and building customer loyalty with existing customers, you are well on your way to finding your next new team member.




  • DIQ Daily Report – You should start every day reviewing this report, click here and sign in.

  • DIQ Program Website - Everything you need during your DIQ journey, click here and sign in.

  • DIQ Conference Call - Watch for an email invitation to this special conference call.

  • DIQ Department - You can call your DIQ Department at 1-800-347-7666 (DIR-SOON).


“A dream is just a wish until you act upon it, and then it becomes a goal! You must plan your work and work your plan. Plan a long-range goal with a six-month target date, and then set a midway goal with a quarterly target date. Then set a short-range goal with a ―do it now date. Short-range goals feed your long-range goals. Daily efforts will produce results. When you have planned a short-range goal, the little difficulties won‘t stop you. You will find a way, and you will turn your stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.”  Mary Kay Ash

See it, Feel it, Believe it.  Do it Now!!!


Heather Hines
Director of Qualification Services



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