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The Six Figure Media Method!

Stop Creating Online Content for free!

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Finally get paid for your podcast or online digital show & turn your content into recurring profit!

In this 30 day program, I am Sharing Step by Step Media Mogul Magic

for the Modern Digital Creator.

Let me guess 🤔 ... Right now your Content Creation process looks like:


Hours of Creating


Hours of Editing


Guest Influencers


Dollars Earned

But, today we change that.  If you are creating content to solely promote your products and services you are leaving money on the table - It's time to turn your content creation into money making magic and create recurring profit with ease!

The Six Figure Media Method

In this LIVE 4 week group program, I teach you EXACTLY what I do to simply & effectively grow my viewership, email subscribers & collaborations so I can make money every single day.  My powerful media sales method is the backbone to my business and it is also how I have a created six figure income.

During our LIVE 4 week group program, you'll create and implement a marketing system you can use week after week to create recurring profit that you can count on without it feeling exhausting and impossible. 


The Six Figure Media Method will teach you how to make Money Magic with podcasts, virtual podcasts, online digital shows, and all forms of Media!

It's Time to Make Money Magic!

🎉 You are ready to make six figures doing what you love. 


🙌🏾 You are ready to be paid for collaborations.


💪🏽 You are ready for people to finally understand who TF you and your brand are. 


🤩 You are DONE playing small. 


🥂 You are no longer picking up clients that annoy you just because you are desperate for cash. 


🤸🏾‍♂️ You are ready to get confident in your media projects, your platform, and your money magic strategy. 


🏝 You are ready to spend more free time with family and friends. 


🔥 You are ready to live your best life. 


💰 You are ready to consistently begin making $1,000 a day minimum. 


💃🏾 You are done with the bullshit & you are ready to reach your next dimension. 




Doors close March 3rd, 2021.

This VIP LIVE Group will meet every Thursday in March. 

Course begins March 4th!

week 1:

Platform with A Purpose! 

A STRONG Platform creates a POWER that can reshape your business if not your entire life!  Separate from your online podcast or digital show, do you have a platform that all of this can stand upon?  Properly designed, your Platform can become the catalysts for riches.

* In this first week I am breaking down what you really need to understand about targeting a demographic that believes and supports what you & your platform stand upon.

* How to convert your Community into "buying clients"!

* We will break down your Platform's Pillars to be sure it is fully aligned with your mission statement.


* We will define your target Avatar once and for all.  I'm breaking down ways to INCREASE engagement - even if your community has gone to internet heaven.  Never forget - One monkey (or two, or three) ain't neva stopped no show! ... two snaps).

week 2:

Income Producing Activities!

Income Producing Activities - They are the KEY to your success! Day-by-Day are you clear on your Media-Based Income Producing Activities, or are you doing busywork that's keeping you BROKE? 

*In week 2 we are going to get clear on where the money resides.  There are several ways to monetize your media content, but we first must decide what within your platform (and mission) can make the most money magic


*I am breaking down the 4 P's you must ask your clients so you can be sure to fulfill their marketing goals


*We will identify your strongest streams of income

*We will break down your client's avatar.  This part is KEY!  You must know who your target is so you can master my Media Method! 

week 3:

Know Your Worth!

Know Your Worth!  It's time to narrow in on PRICE!  How much will people be willing to pay you? What will you charge a client to be apart of your media platform?  In week 3, I'm sharing EXACTLY how to calculate your income producing activities & directly target YOUR demographic.

*Confidence over everything!  In week 3, we are focusing on getting your mind right! An increased sense of self worth is non-negotiable.  The more self-confidence a person has, the more they value themselves and their abilities and therefore they are paid well.

*In this week's training, we will also gain confidence when it comes to your leadership and executive presence - it's time to Become More of Yourself! This course will teach you how to Master being your best- even under stress!

* We get intentional about standing upon your values so clients can spot you in a heartbeat!  It's not who you know - it's who knows you.  After all, YOU are the CONNECT!

*We will also be confirming the three parts of your Mission Statement for your Platform!

week 4:

Guests, Underwriters, Sponsors

How should you present the opportunity to your dream clients so you can have it all?  Week four is all about expanding your brand's reach, getting more clicks, and generating more traffic one client at a time.


*In week four we are breaking down ways you can win through Paid Media

*Advertising, branded content, display ads, Sponsors & Underwriters - How to monetize it all.

*Earned vs. Owned vs. Paid Media - I break down how to get the most bang for your buck so you can make six figure Media Magic.

We are so excited to introduce this new, life changing program.  Because we are in Beta you will be able to snag this one-time low price of just $499!  

I am ready!  Sign me up.


Hey Girlfriend, I'm Natalie!

And I have built a syndicated TV Show that went from making money online to now being broadcasted on National television Networks every Saturday morning across the country.  My level up popped off during the pandemic and today, through media, I make money EVERY SINGLE DAY!


As a Howard University Grad, former news anchor, and wife & mom of twin boys and a little girl, I know that the day to day can be challenging - but making money doesn't have to be.  When you have your system & strategy clear the game will officially change.

There were several years i was praying for six figure income and I have finally discovered a "Method" to my Media strategy that "Let's it Be Easy"!  Money is everywhere.  In fact, there is so much money out there that if you are set up properly it begins falling into your lap (with or without network tv).  

If you are ready to take your brand (and your bank!) to the next level my 30 day program is your new Best Friend!  I can't wait to work with you personally at this super low price that packs BIG results!  I'll see you inside!


The Six Figure Media Method is the

Go-To Resource

for Content Creators Everywhere!

I teach Digital Creators to turn their online shows and podcasts into money making magic!  You are already doing the work - now it's time to CONNECT the cash.


Step One

You've got your vision, script, plan, & purpose set. Along with your weekly filming scheduled in batches.


Step Two

You've got your set designed, lighting and microphone ready, and your hair, makeup & wardrobe on point!


Step Three

Ahhh!  Here's where I come in.  It's time to get paid. I will show you how to reframe your platform & perspective to make money magic!

Okay, So break it down - what exactly do I get?

The Six Figure Media Method goes LIVE March 4th, 2021!


Every Thursday in March, starting March 4th, I will be hosting a weekly Video Group Training.  Each week you’ll receive a core lesson of the program which is broken down week by week. During our time together, we will walk through ALL THE DEETS you need to know to create your Six Figure Media Method!  Yes, If you miss this LIVE training - this will be recorded & available to you forever!


As you go along your journey learning my Six Figure Media Method, we will CONNECT two times during the month on a LIVE conference call so I can answer any questions or offer any advice through out the month.  Together, we will brainstorm your products & services, plus we will work through any obstacles that may be holding you back.  The best part - these calls are recorded and you can always double back!


You will have access to my private, 2021 VIP, Members only Facebook Group where you can catch me regularly.  I go LIVE in there often and you can access me directly.  If you need help figuring out your next steps, or questions about your program - Tag me - and I can jump in to answer any questions & support you fully.


I am ready!  Sign me up.

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