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You have a million things on your plate…

You need to market your business, create products or offers, gear up to onboard clients, and on top of all that- Mom duties!

You wear so many hats in your business and nothing is more important at this point than creating prioritized goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve them without compromise.

In last week’s episode of The Connect Network Miami, the team got a chance to speak with The Productivity Queen herself! Did I mention she was also a guest co-host?

Leanne Lopez Mosley is a Forbes featured business coach as well as a motivational speaker, founder of The Productivity Queen podcast, and a passionate supporter of women! She thrives on helping them grow and scale the business that they love around the lifestyle that they desire.

For many of us, 2020 disrupted any routine that we previously had in place before and it was no different for Leanne. She had been working with an amazing company that earned her 6 figures and when the pandemic hit, she was all of a sudden unemployed. Being the goal-minded Queen that she is, she took this as a push to start her own business.

When it comes to setting goals, there will always be some misconceptions and Leanne tells us a little bit about what can keep us from leveling up and how to overcome these challenges.

“Traditional goal-setting seriously sets us up for failure.”

If we’ve learned anything from 2020 it’s that anything can happen in a 12-month span and our goals can change.

She reminds us that 12-month goals are important, for sure, but we also need to set goals for the short term such as 30, 60, and 90 days. Her expert advice to take our productivity up a notch and reach those goals? Pick two to three big goals that you want to hit in the next 30 days and GO ALL IN!

Find yourself hustling to get things accomplished lately? One tip from Leanne to break the cycle of hustling into flow is to look at what you believe to be true about what you want to achieve. And we couldn’t agree more!!

Think about it- Do you believe reaching those goals will be hard? You will receive what you believe and to break into a flow you must first believe that your goals and dreams are possible!

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