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Why Switching from Local News to Entertainment News works!

In Florida, the conversation is FIRE as Stichiz and Tracy Campoli meet with another local media powerhouse that is paving her way through the entertainment industry!

Kami Simmons has worked on Viacom CBS, she was a producer for BET, a reporter for West Texas and did I mention she also worked with former first lady Michelle Obama?!

Kami is one talented lady of many hats to say the least and she shares with us how to break into the entertainment industry.

She explains to us that there is no blueprint to begin and when she started she was always looking for the next best thing, or “NBT” she referred to it as.

“If you don’t have the opportunity, create your own lane.”

As one of the mottos she lives by, she began thinking about the future of entertainment and business and where it is going. She began creating her own vision by making bite-size content for her brand that was similar to BET breaks and produced them herself! An opportunity soon followed and she was on BET.

Dreams do have a way of working themselves out IF you put in the work!!

Kami’s brand First Class Crew is a platform where she educates others on the entertainment and media industry. This membership platform offers live webinars, endless educational content, and connect’s business owners with resources to grow and elevate.

To learn more about the entertainment industry and get started, you can find Kami Simmons:

Website: www.firstclasscrew.biz

Instagram: @kamisimmons

Hold up! Check out the full episode, HERE for more top notch CEO gold!

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