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Trusting your TRUTH

Our identities are such a unique part of the contribution we will have on humanity. What forms one’s identity? Often the way we see ourselves determines the impact we will be able to have on society and the legacy that we will leave behind for generations to come. Sometimes, the way we see ourselves is distorted. Perhaps our aspirations or ideas have been minimized by dream crushers negatively impacting our perception of ourselves. Could it be that we have become accustomed to a pattern of starting things and not completing them? Is it possible that you constantly compare yourself to others in a negative way? Or, maybe once you became a mother, you felt the ambitious dreams of starting a company or landing your dream position slip away?

It’s time we stop feeding ourselves lies and start learning to trust our TRUTH. Each human being is made with individual strengths and God given gifts that make their personal purpose significant and unique. When we begin to question whether or not it’s too late to fulfill a purposeful life, we cease to see the truest essence of ourselves, we aren’t tapped into our life’s core mission, and we deny the universe the opportunity to order our steps to a gratifying life meant to better the world.

If any of the above scenarios resonated with you. Perhaps it is time for you to reimagine your TRUTH. Trust that Reinforces and Urges Transformational Healing. This means that with conviction we must commit to fortifying and reflect actively as a reminder that our existence is meant to uplift and restore the world in a necessary way.

Let’s start with, Trust….

Oftentimes, we talk about trust as a function that is external, meaning we talk about our ability to trust others. But, not often enough do we seek to understand what it means to trust ourselves. The same person that struggles to conquer trust of others, will quit because someone didn’t like their idea. Why would anyone cease pursuit of their goal because someone didn’t see their vision? Trust has to begin from within. We must intimately know ourselves in order to believe in our abilities. Beyond skills and talents which we innately possess we must believe at our core – God’s truth – that we are here for a divine assignment which we are all individually responsible for seeing through.

What is it that you know to be true about yourself? What advice do people constantly seek from you? What makes you happy? What comes natural to you? What kinds assignments do you constantly feel drawn to? What kind of problems do you love solving?

From those gifts purpose reveals. Pay attention to your talents, for their significance is hugely important.


How can our gifts flow with ease? How can we be rewarded for living aligned with our purpose? To reinforce our gifts we must first be aware that there are things that come effortless to us. May it be a quirk, personality type, ability to lead, or the divine gift baking delicious pastries with no recipes at all… Essentially reinforcing any gifts catalyzes its strength which transforms a natural skill into a central element of our being. Hone in on those traits, build upon them, make time for them in your everyday. Only when truthfully recognized and authentically put into practice can they be utilized to their full capacity. What if it’s true that we are all put here to live out a unique purpose exclusively assigned to us. It is necessary to regularly reinforce the practice of uplifting your purpose.


Your purpose can’t wait. Each day it needs to be authentically acknowledged. Through thoughts, actions, and intentions we should be positively activating our gifts, making them habits. This activation boosts drive, motivation, and intentionality. Why wait? Why not hone in on your being now? Surely being happy and fulfilled in the choices you make shouldn’t be held off until tomorrow. Committing to constantly strategizing and implementing on how to create opportunities through your gift will open doors of great satisfaction! By placing priority and persistence on your innate gifts success will begin to effortlessly flow in all aspects of your life.


From emerging out of our little selves into our future selves we evolve into the truest most authentic version of who we are. Overtime, when we constantly engage in that which is fulfilling to us. Increasingly awareness and recognition of things flowing will become more natural. Goals like making healthy decisions around your health and wellness or making time to script the podcast you’ve been dreaming up for years grow the untapped gifts inside us give us and those around us, a true sense of fulfillment. This is the wave of transformation - and you can see it happening when you see the ripple effect: your decision to choose happiness and purpose invites the people around you to believe bigger.


Beyond the ability to recognize your gifts by allowing those attributes to effortlessly work through you, watch them also naturally work through others. Find joy in comforting a friend or family member. Find joy in making your child or your neighbor laugh from relief. Find joy in your ability to lead a project to its end. It is those types of simple gifts that have the power to heal a broken heart, community, or turnaround a failed business. When use generously or gifts strategically can transform bad into good, broken into whole, empty into fulfilled. You have the power to heal, just stick close to your purpose.

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