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Total Body by Ashley

A healthier life and a healthier you for 2022!!

In this episode, we talk with Ashley Shields. Ashley is a hormone and fat loss coach who helps busy, frustrated, & tired working women lose fat by balancing their hormones & gut health! She battled with health issues herself so her passion for helping women feel their best is inspiring.

There are so many misconceptions about weight loss I know we’ve all heard a few. Ashley explains why these theories are misleading. She begins with the two most common which are

  1. You must eat only two meals a day

  2. Exercise yourself sick

There is always a root cause for why you ‘ve been trying to lose weight and can’t. There’s always more than just food and exercising that’s the problem.

Weight Loss is attainable for anybody! Even you mama!!

Weight loss can be linked to gut health. If your gut is inflamed or out of balance it can affect your thyroid. This can also cause anxiety and depression!

If the gut is inflamed, it can affect the liver, and the liver houses so many functions that are necessary for balancing thyroid and BMR which is what helps us to loose weight.

There is definitely way more to losing weight than eating less and working out more and Ashley is the woman you need to see to get your Total Body balanced this year!

Learn more about Total Body or find the Revive Your Gut Course at:

Website- www.totalbodybyashley.com

Instagram- @ashleyjshieldsfit

Check out the full episode here.

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