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Tamra Andress

Updated: Jan 27

This guest brings in so much high energy to The Connect Show in Texas and we LOVE it!!

Tamra is a christian business coach who helps founders, innovators, and trail blazers extract their story and be able to serve out of a place of joy to launch and scale their businesses to serve others.

This powerhouse has a #1 seller - Always Becoming: Sex Shame and Love and also just launched a publishing company at the same time!

Tamra says the book is all about her mission and how she chooses to show up in the world whether thats retreats, conferences, or speaking events. She has a passion to obliterate shame and active purpose and she isn’t afraid to talk about it on her podcast F. I. T Faith!

Everyone has their unique story and it plays a huge role in who you are as a person and the world deserves to see it!

Tamra shares with us the power of storytelling is finding that authenticity. SHe explains that when you unpack the power of WHO you are it really is magical.

“Tap into who you are and share it with the world to see what manifests”

Finding community! We talk about this all the time on The Connect Show. So how do you find the right community for yourself?

There is value in the people that you are connected to so the longevity of those connections are going to propel you forward so much more than just having 1M followers with no community.

Take time to build relationships and the outcome will be greater than any Like on Instagram.

Learn more about Tamra at:

Instagram- @temra.andress

Website: www.fitinfaithmedia.com

See the full episode here!

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