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Savvy Accountant

Tax season is approaching and it’s time we count the cash and make sure we are on the right track with Uncle Sam!

Have you gotten in contact with your accountant yet?

A lover of numbers hoping to make an impact and indeed she is!

Atiya Brown breaks down the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper in this episode. She explains that a bookkeeper is more on the transaction side of things, keeping track of what goes into the business and what goes out also.

An accountant does an analysis on your business so telling us what those numbers mean.

Both of these roles have different functions but are both very important!

Atiya has a big mission this year and we are behind her. She aims to help 1K taxpayers tackle their debt and to generate 8M worth of tax savings for them.

Atiya stands out as a CPA amongst the crowd and here’s how:

She likes to consider herself the Savvy big sister. You’re not going to get judgement rather someone who is there to HELP!

Learn more about Atiya’s services at

Instagram: @thesavvyaccountant

Don’t forget to snatch her Savvy Tax Toolkit by clicking the link in the bio!

View the full episode here!

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