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Meet Momentum Mindset Coach - Grace Brown AKA Coach G.

She is a mindset coach that helps women get unstuck and she coaches you through all things life, love, and career.

There are times when we think we have everything together and then an unforeseen circumstance takes over. We have to bend and mold our lives to pick up the pieces and pivot while also healing. Grace had a similiar experience when we lost her only child to suicide.

Here are a few tips to help you at home, get unstuck:

Recognize who you are and where you came from. These kinds of situations can allow you to grow, believe it or not.

Taking notes of our beliefs and mindset is important because they become our identity. People do everything in their power to protect that identity so when unfortunate circumstances happen we start to second guess ourselves. So take notes on why we responded in certain ways. Once you recognize who you are right now it is much easier to then grow from there and grow into the space you want to be.

Poverty is one of the many fears that women face. We asked Grace how do you advise women to move forward from this fear. Many times money comes in but we don’t know where it’s going.

There are two sides to the spectrum and they both come from a place of lack, Grace says. On one side we have the person who spends a lot of money and on the other side is the person who is very frugal. Create your own financial literacy. Be smart about your money and most importantly, understand your relationship with money.

Wherever stage you are at in life, I think we could all use a little help in the mindset space! A healthy mindset sets us up for success and honey YOU are going places!

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