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Maxene’s Microgreens

What more could you ask for the New Year than not only uplevelingyour physical health but also your mental health?

Josh Diskin and Brandon Higgins educate the Texas hosts about how to enhance your overall health with microgreens!

As we are all aware, it takes more than hitting the gym everyday to care for your body. We need to enhance our DIET!

We learned you have to ingest plenty of nutrient dense greens.

Clearing the mental fog.

Getting you production levels up.

These are all great benefits to incorporating mico greens into your daily diet.

The ladies also asked them about the growth process and this is what they had to say-

The system to grow the greens is unlike any grocery store. They had to automate the temperature and humidity levels in order to get a vegetables that are superb in taste and nutrient quality.

Josh and Brandon also share what is coming up next for them with their new grow house and what they see as the future of farming.

You can find Maxene’s Greens by visiting several farmers markets located in and around the Austin area!

Don’t forget to follow them on the socials at

Instagram & Tik Tok: @maxenesmicrogreens

Website: www.maxenesmicrogreens.com

View the full episode here!

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