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It’s time to BOSS UP & protect your brand!!

On The Connect Network Texas we learned all about protecting the empire that we have worked so hard to build.

Do you have an LLC or an S-Corp? Here’s your next step.

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Our guest is hairstylist turned attorney, Reonna Green, the CEO of She Trademarks. This powerhouse was all about the beauty industry until she went to law school and received her license in California and Georgia. With so many entrepreneurs coming into the business space, she learned her true calling was assisting women in business to protect their brands as well as their pockets!

How unfortunate would it be to create a brand you love just for someone else to go and trademark the company name and take over everything you’ve built?

Unfortunately, it does happen and lawsuits are real. Reonna warns us about having proper contracts in place when we work with other businesses as she has come across several lawsuits with clients when it comes to this. She also explains to us the importance of having a trademark.

“Own your brand!”

The moral of the story: Own your brand boss babes so that no one else can recreate it and come to you with an infringement lawsuit!

No matter how big or small your business is right now, Reonna says it’s never too soon to ensure that you own your brand by getting a trademark.

As a startup that wants to protect its business, we know that financial obligation can be pressing. We asked her about the investment of getting a trademark for your business.

If you are working with an attorney to do research on the name and file the application, the investment would be anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500. On top of that, the United States Trademark Patent Office charges a $350 per class registration fee.

Have questions or concerns around protecting your empire before issues arise?

You can find your go-to attorney for women in business at

Instagram: @shetrademarks

Website: www.shetrademarks.com

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