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Infinity Song + ROC Nation CONNECT!

The CONNECT crew down in Miami had the chance to jam with a divine dynamic group of siblings. With parents that were musically inclined, the siblings grew up with strong lungs and superb rhythm!

Infinity Song was formed in early 2014 and included Abraham, Victory, and Angel Boyd. In NYC they frequented subway stations, and pop up entertainment at Central Park. Since their formation, younger siblings Isreal and Momo joined the group and added to the band’s already existing wide range of harmony and soon began performing on stages both big and small!

Not only is Infinity Song talented in the studio but they are also songwriters, instrumentalist, and music producers.

But wait, that’s not all!

In 2015 the group released their first EP and toured the U.S. while also collabing with several other artist that include Kanye West, Jon Batiste, Tori Kelly, and more.

As if things couldn’t get any better for this talented group of teens, in 2016 they were recognized by Jay-Z and officially signed to his label, Roc Records!!

Infinity Song are advocates for acoustic sounds in wholesome and uplifting young adult music and they shared a track that was very close to their hearts RIGHT HERE on the show!

The hosts were blown away!

Reading about them doesn’t do any justice...

Head to Natalies Network on Youtube to hear this FIRE!! Listen here.

Instagram: @InfinitySong


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