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How To Start Your Podcast with Camille Kauer!

New Month. New goals. Bring on the new skills!

Have you always wanted to start a podcast but just don’t know where to begin?

This week on The Connect Network Texas we are joined by Camille Kauer. Camille is a child of Hollywood parents but more importantly, she has built up her own brand as an actress, producer, and award-winning host of her podcast, The E-Spot. Black Girl Magic!!

One of Camille’s inspirations for starting her career was Oprah Winfrey and hearing her speak her truth on her show. Once getting a job on a local radio show for ESPN and interviewing multiple celebrities, she was named Best Local Radio Personality! 2 weeks after the award, COVID entered our lives and put things on hold. Camille took things into her own hands and began asking celebrities on her own for interviews. Though she did get no’s as well as yes’s from these celebrities, she didn’t let this obstacle hold her back from reaching her full potential.

This goes to show that if we want something we have to make bold moves even if that means asking for what we want. We can no longer sit still and HOPE for our dreams to come to fruition babes! Take action!!

If you want to learn how to start a podcast, keep reading!

Camille says to first think about what kind of format you want to use for your podcast, if you are only using audio, she uses Anchor.fm to connect her episodes to Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc.

One tip she gives us is to have that support system to help you through your journey. Have them leave comments to help with engagement or even help you post links in the comments to help listeners find you easier.

So what makes for a good podcast?

Because of attention spans, it’s best to keep your episodes under an hour so 30-45 minutes is best. Also, know your passions and build your podcast around that. It’s easy to talk of something you are passionate about and your audience can sense that.

We also asked Camille a burning question and the low down on how to put your podcast and brand out there for the world to see. Be social! She reminds us to share others’ content and they will share yours, using affiliate links, she also would interview publicists to help her spread the word of her business.

Put these tips into actions business babes and we can’t wait to listen to your new podcasts!

Want to learn more about building your empire with a podcast?

Camille has consultations, classes, and free videos to help you get started:

Website: www.camillekauer.com

Instagram: @therealcamillekauer

Youtube: Camille Kauer

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