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Glow Up Sis, Glow Up!

We all love a good visual glow up but what about boosting that glow from the inside too. The last 2 years have really made us dig deeper in terms of our mindset, our priorities and our intentionality.

Last week we had the honor of chatting it up with licensed master social worker Courtney Clardy who offers counseling services, is an author, and a motivational speaker!

She was the young girl who grew up writing poems and songs and now as an adult feels like it is essential to express your thoughts on paper. When she felt like she wasn’t being heard she turned to writing and we got a chance to hear about her new book Glow Up Sis!

Glow Up Sis is 31 days of affirmations and it focuses on doing the inner work affiliated with the glow up. She explains that she wanted to write a meaningful book that motivates us to communicate better, to say what we need, to set boundaries, and more. Courtney says that we may be in a stage where we are constantly blaming somewhere and we aren’t taking responsibility for our actions or our attitude. This book is about YOU and holding you accountable so that you, too, can prepare for that Glow Up!

You can support Courtney and find her book by visiting:

Instagram- @Courtney.Arlesia

Website: www.courtneyarlesia.com

Medium: www.courtneyarlesia.medium.com

Check out this full boss babe episode, and our Youtube Channel, HERE!

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