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We are amazed at the new and innovative ideas that business owners come up with everyday and this one is nothing short of genius!

The Texas hosts talk with, founder, Josh Clifford, about building the worlds first free beverage company called Freewater. This company offers water in both aluminum and a carton and is FREE.com because the packaging is the adspace!

That’s right the packaging contains QR codes, coupons, shop, order food, downloads AND they also donate 10 cents to charity to buid water wells for those in need.

This husband and wife duo’s story is special indeed and they tell us all about it!

Freewater will be distributed via water trucks and vending machines and the main goals is to scale across every U.S. city.

But that’s not all….

Josh has a bigger vision in the future that he fills us in on!

It’s time to think bigger people!!

Keep your eyes peeled for a Freewater truck soon to be hitting Austin.

Follow Josh’s journey and keep up with the latest news here

Website: www.freewater.io

Tik Tok: @freewater.io

Get all the details and check out the full episode, HERE!

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