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First Class Ticket To The Struggle Bus -AKA How To Succeed Even If You’re A Stark Raving Lunatic

Author: Jessica Nosek (An Excerpt)

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I know what you’re thinking. At least, if you’re still in bed, paralyzed by a vicious cycle of depression and anxiety, wishing to God or Cabernet that you could function like a regular person, then, yes, I definitely know what you’re thinking.

I own Three Fold Media, LLC. You’ve never heard of it, but that’s ok. I’m willing to bet, however, that, if you reside in Midland, Texas, you have heard of my flagship brand, Midland Moms Blog. My little website exploded onto the local scene at the end of the summer of 2018. We’ve experienced consistent and exponential growth due to our ravenous and fiercely loyal readership and our highly talented and dedicated writers and influencers.

Most of this happened from the constraints of my bed. I have dysthymia, which is an icky word that basically means I suffer from long term depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. My condition has been out of control and, in terms of my career, debilitating for the better part of my adult life. Imagine, if you would, your body is in a coma. The world around you is going about it’s normal course. Doctors and nurses speak to family members surrounding your bed, discussing you as if you aren’t there. All the while, your mind, still sharp, is screaming to be heard. The normal you, the real you, is buried deep inside your mind, trapped by your broken body. Eventually, you give up trying to escape. Your new imaginary bff’s, Loneliness and Hopelessness, creep in and become the world’s worst roommates, locked for eternity with you inside your own head.

But HEY! It’s not that bad. Truly! If you suffer from similar ailments, A. I am so very sorry because that really sucks, and 2. You, yes you, can still achieve your dreams, whatever they may be.

Dreams are funny things. My misconception was that I needed clear, all encompassing, life-long dreams to be fully legit in the “chasing my dreams” universe. I’ve had lots of dreams. Most of them have been fluid and fleeting; far too temporary in my broken brain to expend the energy to chase. Nearing forty, I gave up dreams as they’re portrayed in the movies and opted instead for a solid business plan. Then, one ordinary day on the interwebs, a reader of Midland Moms Blog reached out to me to thank me for speaking so candidly about mental illness. She was encouraged by a piece I wrote to seek treatment for her postpartum depression.

Oh my freaking gosh, I helped someone! My new dream snapped quickly into focus and the adrenaline pumped through my body like an illicit drug. I want to help people. For so many agonizing years, I felt like I wasn’t capable of starting and growing a business because of all of the lies my mental illness told me about myself. Yet, I started one and, with the help of my fellow moms and my new friends, it’s grown at the speed of light. So, if I can do with my still very broken brain, so can you.

I break it all down in this book, due to be released at the end of 2019. Until then, here is your assignment:

Step One. Honesty. You must be honest with yourself and trust your gut. Are you broken? Is there something gnawing at you telling you that something isn’t right? Let go of what you think “broken” might mean. It doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. When my car makes a weird noise, I take it to the mechanic, the professional. He fixes my car and I go on my way. When allergy season strikes up and I get the inevitable sinus infection, I go see the doctor, the professional. He gives me antibiotics and I go on my way. When I can’t get out of bed because depression has me chained and shackled, I go to the therapist. We talk it out and I go on my way. If you’re not quite feeling like yourself, it is ok to admit that you need help from a professional.

If you happen to be one of those over-achieving-goody-two-shoes about assignments and you complete Step One, please proceed to Step Two…you guessed it: Actually start seeing the professional. They don’t judge you. They don’t think your problems are dumb. No matter how much you insist that they refer to you as ‘crazy’, they won’t actually do that either.

We’ll tackle the rest soon. Until then, go and start your journey to find the badass that still lives inside you.

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