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If something happens to you will your family be okay? Michelle Watson talks Life Insurance.

The topic of life insurance is one that may be taboo and it’s typically a topic that we avoid. Our next guest is an inspiring woman that how she experienced the importance of life insurance first hand. The lovely Michelle Watson joined the Texas team to talk more in-depth on the topic.

Michelle has been in the insurance space for 15 years working with larger companies until one day the company decided to close its doors in her area. For so long she dedicated so much of her life to this company. Being on call 24/7 and answering every call that she got in the middle of the night. She decided that it was only telling that she use her experience and license to branch out on her own and build an empire that she could control!

Shortly after this decision, grief struck.

Michelle lost her nanny that raised her, and only a few short months later she lost her son.

She admits how hard it was to get out of bed and find the motivation to not only push forward in this new venture but carry on in her daily life.

Through the grief, Michelle convinced herself that she knew exactly what to do to begin this business- she just has to BEGIN.

She explains that most people are afraid of the process it takes to get insurance, but with her by your side, it’s a breeze and really a short process.

To learn more about Michelle’s inspiring story and to find out about the different insurance options she offers you can find her:

Instagram- @MWatsonagency

Facebook- Michelle Watson

Email- michellewatson.mil@gmail.com

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