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Cystic Acne, 5 Babies & Starting a Business

Britney Arceneaux

Founder of Flying Cow.

The sun hadn’t come up yet.

Like so many other mothers, I had set my alarm to wake before the little ones to enjoy some coffee and quiet. I smiled to stretch my face to see if it was still covered in painful cystic acne.


Another failure. Another product that didn’t work. Another tip ending in frustration. I cried.

I was twenty-eight. I didn’t want to care as much as I did how my face looked, but I did, and I didn’t feel beautiful.

At my wits end, I tried tallow. The cost was less than other things I had tried. What did I have to lose? After using for a while, I realized I had less acne and my skin felt so good. In a couple of months, my face felt and looked amazing. I was so excited. I found my answer.

To save cash, I decided to create my own recipe. I played with it and crafted the perfect whipped tallow. My skin was thriving.

Six months or so later, I got pregnant with my fifth baby and was so excited, but a bit nervous about my skin. I was concerned my usual acne would return when my hormones went bananas and stress increased. To my amazement, I went through the pregnancy and the acne did not return.

After encouragement from friends and family, I took fifty dollars, bought some supplies, and opened an Etsy shop called “Flying Cow”.

My husband and I soon found ourselves staying up late several nights a week making tallow and packing packages to keep up with the growing demand.

So, why? Why start a skincare business?

Honestly, I started this company as a way to help with putting food on the table. We were in a season of not knowing how we would buy groceries at times, and even spending fifty dollars to start Flying Cow felt like a risk.

What started as an act of desperation, quickly blossomed into something more. I started to dream and my “why” began to evolve.

I saw my desire to serve people becoming a reality. Flying Cow has been an unforeseen platform to help and bring comfort to people in a way I never expected.

However, what truly keeps the heart beating in this company is my children. I know they will have dreams. They already do. I don’t want finances to hold them back from anything they set their hearts to do. I want to leave a heritage for them.

I also want to set an example. I want them to know that against the odds, even if people think you’re crazy, don’t give up, but try one more time. All that hard work...even if it is countless nights with too little sleep and days with way too much caffeine...it does pay off. I want them to see the joy in overcoming.

Dreams can become a reality, and my children have a front row seat to see the processes of being sharpened and molded into something beautiful along the way.

Britney Arceneaux

Founder of Flying Cow

Photos by Deborah Faith Photography

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