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Community, Leveling Up, and Inspiration!!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Join The CONNECT Network TV® in Texas AND Florida as we talk

Community, Leveling Up, and Inspiration!!

In sweet and sunny Miami, our hosts Susie Moore and Stichiz are talking it up with a true Celebrity seasoned publicist - we like to call it!

Kita Williams has worked with many top notch celebs like Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Terrel Owens, and more!

She helped introduce reality TV starring Terrel Owens, a former NFL star. This was one of the first reality tv shows surrounding the life of male. The T.O. Show was created and executively produced by Kita and Monique Jackson in 2009. As if this story doesn’t get any better, she goes on to tell us that the reality tv series goes primetime when they had higher views than the Kardashians every Sunday night and the Kardashians actually ended up moving their show to a different day!!

Talk about BOSS UP!

Kita Williams also starred in season 5 of Black Love on Own. She discusses with us that the show was so important for her because she noticed a gap in the media industry that didn’t recognize black love and similarities to every other type of love that should be celebrated. The beautiful moments as well as the hurdles were reality for her and she goes on to tell us that the series was documented in a time of difficulty when issues with fertility arised.

“Being a black woman with fertility issues was taboo….a lot of women do not know of their choices in regards to freezing eggs or understanding what it really means to go through fertility treatments.”

This powerhouse was inspiring to chat with! Follow her on IG @KitaPubDiva so you won’t miss a beat on what she does next.

See the full episode on The CONNECT Network's YouTube Channel, Natalie’s Network, on Youtube channel here.

On The Connect Network Tex, we chat with Alexandria and Anna Laura from SHExSHINES, an uplifting community of multi-passionate women who thrive on support and dreaming big!

Alex and Anna Laura actually met through networking in a mutual Facebook group. They shared similar interests and were both working a corporate job while building a business of their own. After joining forces, they began building an empire together. SHExSHINES was born!

If this doesn’t tell you about the benefits of networking, I don’t know what will.

There is power in community and it’s more than collecting cash or finding a business partner. Being involved in a community where you feel you belong is a mental advantage to say the least. Not only will you meet like-minded women and entrepreneurs but they are essentially going through the same phases of life, same struggles, mental blocks, etc. You learn from each other and in that you will build life-long relationships.

Long story short: Community is necessary for business growth and an asset to your wellbeing!

The Founders of SHExSHINES offer private mentorship to aid in your business development in an intimate and personalized space while also getting access to an amazing community to grow alongside with. If you are a multi passionate entrepreneur who needs a little guidance, you can learn more about this brand and program by visiting

Website: www.shexshinescom

IG : @shexshines

See the full episode on Natalie’s Network Youtube channel here.

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