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A Wise Man….Really??

Written by Myra MckInley Follow Her on Insta!

Editing credit to Kelsie Rasure

A wise man once said, “no one said it would be easy, they just said it would be

worth it” and in my opinion he can suck it!

No one said it would be easy??? How about no one said it would be an endless

cycle of fear and anxiety with your sanity hanging by a string that could be easily

severed at any given moment?!

Of course, I’m just being dramatic. If you know me, you are not surprised in the

least. Honestly, it is worth it, even the slightest win in business can be a giant

victory and I look at every win with such immense gratitude that it wavers over

the line of a normal sane person, to a person that may need to be committed to

an asylum.

In this day in age, expectations are so high and it’s difficult at times to gauge if

you are actually doing okay or exceptionally well! One click of a keyboard and

suddenly your highly successful business may seem like an absolute failure. So,

how do I have so much gratitude?

I dig my fingernails so deep into the accomplishments that the failures seem like

nothing more than an opportunity to achieve something even greater!

Being in real estate has more than a few challenges! It is actually a career (most

people think it’s a side gig). Realtors do have to be educated and hold a license,

which has to be renewed regularly via classes and tests. We study our craft and

work hard to be as knowledgeable as possible and yet there are still people out

there that think they don’t need our services and that they have the same vast

knowledge and abilities. I’m sure as a business, entrepreneur, or leader, you

have encountered the same.

In all of our business ventures, we have our own set of unique challenges. For

me, those challenges include phone calls, organizing, managing, running,

resting, hugging, celebrating, and a multitude of other “stuff.” But you know what?

I wouldn’t trade those challenges for the world.

It’s 7:30am and I get my first ding on my phone. The text reads “Hey Myra, I

know it’s early but I have some questions about our closing when you get a

chance. Can you please call me?” I respond, “of course, I will call you within the

hour.” And that is how a typical day starts in my world of being a real estate

agent. When people ask me why I work out so early it’s simply because that is

when my time is one hundred percent mine. I love my job, it is my passion, and I

even love it when a challenge presents itself that opens that creative problem- solving portion of my brain.

When people tell me they have thought about becoming an agent, they love looking at houses. I want to go through the LONG list of things that go along with it but I also don’t want to be a dream crusher!

Again, we all have our own set of challenges within our own business realms. I’m

sure if I were to ask you about your job, you would have a long list of things you

love and maybe some other things you don’t love so much. But I believe it’s a

combination of the good, bad and ugly that help us love what we do! I see every

challenge as an opportunity to grow...but it took me awhile to develop that

mindset. However, now that I have it, I find myself happier and less frantic when

something goes wrong. It’s just part of learning, growing, and getting better at

what we do!

So yes, I may disagree with the “wise man” who said it won’t be easy, but it will

be worth it. Easy is an understatement. Nothing is easy in this life. But it’s worth

fighting for...it’s worth the daily struggle of chasing your dreams and achieving

goals you considered once unattainable.

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