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This podcast will keep you laughing and learning from a wide range of dynamic guests.

Introducing "The CONNECT Network TV® Podcast" with Natalie Cargile, the trailblazing Media Mogul & Founder/CEO behind The CONNECT Network® and The CONNECT Network TV®, the first television network dedicated to women in business and female entrepreneurs.

Media Moguls, Top Execs & Mega Money Makers are pulling up to share insight, tips, and strategies that will help you celebritize your business, elevate your wealth & build your iconic brand BIGGER.


This is the ultimate destination for up-leveling your confidence, owning your story, and mastering the ability to CONNECT with high-hanging fruit.  We'll see you inside!

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Hi... I am Natalie!
Creator and Host of The CONNECT Network TV® Podcast!

Welcome to The CONNECT Network TV® Podcast. I'm Natalie Cargile, the award-winning Media Mogul behind The CONNECT Network TV®. On this podcast, I'm excited to share my expertise and strategies with women in business and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their brands from under the radar to industry expert. Because I always say - it’s not who you know - It’s who knows you!


In each episode, my super successful friends and I - will be sharing strategies for networking effectively, building lasting relationships, and leveraging your network to create new opportunities, partner with top brands, and book A-list celebrities and influencers, so you can generate BIG revenue.

I learned early - I have a knack for spotting value and assertive information just by talking to people  it’s changed my inner circle, it’s changed my access and it’s changed my life! 


Now it’s time to change yours.

Where can you listen?

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