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Stop Creating Online Content for free!

Finally get paid for your podcast or online digital show & turn your content into recurring profit!

Sharing Step by Step Media Mogul Magic for the Modern Digital Creator.

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Let me guess... Right now your Content Creation

process looks like:


Hours of Creating


Hours of Editing


Guest Influencers


Dollars Earned

But, today we change that.  If you are creating content to solely promote your products and services you are leaving money on the table - It's time to turn your content creation into money making magic and create recurring profit with ease!

Welcome to your Go-To Resource

for Content Creators Everywhere!

I teach Digital Creators turn their online shows and podcasts into money making magic!  You are already doing the work - now it's time to connect the cash.


Step One

You've got your vision, script, plan, & purpose set. Along with your weekly filming scheduled in batches.


Step Two

You've got your set designed, lighting and microphone ready, and your hair, makeup & wardrobe on point!


Step Three

Ahhh!  Here's where I come in.  It's time to get paid. I will show you how to book and perfectly price paid guests to make money magic!

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