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Are you tired of pitching to Media outlets & begging for a seat at their tables?​ We can help you create your own 30 minute show for Network TV today!

Learn how to build your iconic brand BIGGER, become known as a leader in your industry, CONNECT with dream clients, and generate a six figure revenue stream from home without any fancy cameras or production equipment.

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Become a Media Mogul

MEDIA MOGUL UNIVERSITY is a 6 week course that breaks down everything you need to know to build your own Talk Show for Broadcast on the TV Network of your choice!

  • Week 1: Stop Pitching - Start Owning! Decide your show topic, show title, and your dream guest avatar.

  • Week 2: Booking Paid Guests & Dream Clients - Selecting your ideal guests, celebrities, and collaborations for your TV Show.

  • Week 3: Pre- Production Script Writing, Broadcast Platform, & Prepping for Filming Day.

  • Week 4: Post Production Building your Production Team, Editing Your TV Show, & Creating Your Weekly Filming Schedule Schedule, 

  • Week 5: Closed Caption vs. Open Caption

  • Week 6: Securing Your Airtime & Selecting The TV Network 

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Racquel W.

MY TV Hartford, CT

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Mary M.

MYTV Dallas

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Brittany F.

The CW San Antonio

After graduating from Media Mogul University, Racquel's turning her podcast into a new TV show!  She now broadcasts - "Your Purpose & Business TV" on Hartford, Connecticut's MYTV!

Mary is a proud graduate of Media Mogul University!  She is  also the owner of Bodication Elite. Mary is excited to launch her new show "The Body General 211 TV" on Fox/MyTV Dallas!

Being that she is a former, college athlete - Brittany's created her new show around college athletes that are now sharing life after sports! She'll be broadcasting on The CW San Antonio.

Watch our past full episode of The CONNECT Show


When You Pay in Full

You will receive the option of one VIP-Day with Natalie so she can work with you one-on-one to answer any of your questions OR a one-on-one call each week throughout the duration of the course! Learn all the deets in our Masterclass.

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