Let The CONNECT Network Productions provide you with a professional, industry standard commercial with full production, audio, music, voiceover, and written script.  Build your media presence with ease through video ads & let your clients see you as the leader of your industry.

You will be provided with all files to properly load your brand new commercial to any digital platform & advertise on all local news outlets.  You own the full rights to the final production.  All Members of The CONNECT Network™ can receive $150 off the full price by requesting Membership Discount Code!

Check out some of our work below.

Costs can be prohibitive for a businesses as it looks to video production, but not with The CONNECT Network Productions.  To create an effective television ad, it’s first necessary to have a good script that highlights a strong offer. Ads must also be effectively produced, and it’s for this reason The CONNECT Network™ has got you covered.​


Let's get started building your new commercial today!


Some questions to begin asking yourself:

What do I want my customers/clients to know about my services?  What sets me apart from the rest?  What is it about my business that I want everyone to know?  And last but not least, what is the vibe or energy of your product, business or service?

The next step is booking the date of your shoot and beginning the production process.  We look forward to working with you.


plus tax

If you are a Member of The CONNECT Network™ be sure to request the Member Discount Code for a $150 savings. Enter code at check out.

  • Cultivating an audience of warm leads that actually share your mission.

  • Generating consistent, long term customers that share your business with their Networks.

  • Gaining hundreds of new (and paying) followers

  • Completely selling out your programs or products and generating crazy buzz around your brand right here in your own community.

  • Owning a professional Ad to use on your Social for the next year.

We can tell you without fear of contradiction that building your brand through video is the way of the future.  And rest assured that digital media platforms, electronic media and brand video can grow your business exponentially.

We have successfully grown our business with TV video ads and helped countless clients do the same.  It's time to step into your next level up expansion and growth while letting your clientele now your company remains an industry standard.

It can be very scary to invest in your dreams, especially as a small business owner.  Here's what we know - you will never earn what you're not willing to invest.  If you want the results and income of a "Big Business" it's time to start thinking like one.  The CONNECT Network Productions will be sure your final product is to your liking before it is published.  We will do everything we can to help you turn your passion to profit.  We look forward to working with you.