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Are you tired of pitching to Media outlets & begging for a seat at their tables?

How To Create Your Own 30-Minute Talk Show & Broadcast On The TV Network Of Your Choice.

Learn how to build your iconic brand BIGGER, become known as a leader in your industry, CONNECT with dream clients, and generate a six figure revenue stream from home without any fancy cameras or production equipment.

I Can't Wait to Meet You!

Hosted By
Natalie Cargile

The CONNECT Network TV®


The CONNECT Network TV® has partnered with The CW Network to broadcast it's weekly syndicated talk show - The CONNECT Show.  Each week we promote and advertise  the products, services, and brands of women in business and female entrepreneurs.  Our shows reach nearly 3 million households per week.

After four years of building our own Media Empire - we are pioneering a new way for Business Owners to skyrocket to success by using the power of media.   If you are tired of begging TV Networks to promote your business - join our masterclass & learn the MOGUL METHOD for six figure success.


Check out some of the past celebs that have come through
The CONNECT Network TV ®


How to turn your business, brand or expertise into a 30-minute talk show
for Network Television so you can blow your revenue goals out of the water!

How to Book your dream clients, top influencers and favorite celebrities as guests on your show - while building your brand and becoming known as a voice of authority in your industry.

How to set up your filming schedule and build a staff to ensure a streamlined production process week after week.

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